Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The missing link

Having rushed though *my* obligations this week, I didn't get around to a special coloring of today's strip, which makes it a little harder to grasp. Thus, to make up for that slight, I present to you... UNCLE MIKE IN COLOR! Well, as much color as a white cat can have. The panel I used is from tomorrow's strip (also not in color) so, um, spoiler alert?

Mike being the same color as Joseph goes a long way to proving he's the missing link. Mike's build is also in between the massive Joseph and scrawny Gene, but that didn't come out in the drawing well. (Proportions are hard, kids!) If you can't remember the other fathers in color, here you go:


Al S. Romero said...

Well Mike does have some characteristics from Gene and Joseph.

Anonymous said...

What really stands out is the backdated portrait "A Loving Family" where Harvey is actually a medium brown. Guess that proves that ten years of having a precocious child can give one gray hair, er... fur.