Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm still sleepy!

My early night plan backfired horribly. I went to bed at midnight and went into what would be better called a dreamless coma than actual sleep. It was about 3am when I gave up and started my day. I haven't slept since, which means I spent the entire day in a daze.

No work got done, but that's ok. If I have one day when I don't work, that means I WORK HARD EVERY OTHER DAY! Remember that! Knowing I was going to be useless, I decided to relax and see where consciousness took me. I played some video games, did some reading and didn't stress over it. If I can get some sleep tonight (big IF) then I hope to catch up tomorrow. If not, oh well - I'm a week ahead in the comic, so one day won't kill me.

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Al S. Romero said...

Sleep deprive people can get cranky, I know because I am a constant annoyance to my brother. So anyone else, watch out.