Thursday, November 19, 2009

Caribbean vibes

Behold, an hour exercise attempt at drawing Bob Marley. Why am I drawing a reggae god? I didn't even know how to *spell* "reggae" until Firefox's spell check helped! I'm entertaining the idea of painting a mural at a new Caribbean restaurant. It's unlikely this will happen, but I might as well TRY to grab some art-based income. My style is colorful and bold, which is a great match with contemporary Caribbean art, so this could be a good match! There's just that pesky Bob Marley getting in my way. I've gotta render him better than this!


Al S. Romero said...

Wow, that is pretty amazing. Probably make the background a little darker, I am not sure, I am not an actual artist or know how the restaurant looks like.

Christopher J Paulsen said...

This was just a test sketch for a potential painting, so it's not worth the time to go all out and make it as dark as it should be - but you're right that it would look better with a decent background.

Unknown said...

This piece of Art is being auctioned on Listia. Are you aware of this?