Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Proper swatching, for the people!

Almost lost track of time! I will not miss another day this week, darn it!

What I have to share today is my current progress in making a new set of swatches, that I use in coloring Precocious - or, rather, that someone else can use in coloring Precocious. The swatches I had been using were good for me, as I know where the colors go - but they had no labels! Now that someone awesome is helping me color, those swatches just won't do!

Doing this again has allowed me to revisit some coloring choices - namely the inner ear color of several characters. I've changed a few and unified some others. No telling how that will actually look until I color 'em for real, though. The joy of swatches is that I can change them if I want to!

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Al S. Romero said...

Yay, swatches (seriously, I am so bored and tired, I can't think what else to say)