Friday, June 3, 2011

And now... FUTURE background characters!

Isn't this always the way things work? I scramble to get enough background characters for the latest strip, make the last post, take a loooooong nap and wake up... to find the forum finally came through for me! Now I suddenly have twice as many characters as available spots! I'm letting the first batch stay in the strip, but I wanted to reward the forum people for participating by sketching up their suggestions anyway. After all, it's only a matter of time before these folks will be called upon.

The sheepdog cameraman is actually the 5th background character I mentioned in the last post, so he will be appearing in the strip.

The ladies are a Wiemaraner and a Boykin Spaniel, based on a reader's pets. She asked for spaniel to appear younger than the other, and I probably went a little too drastic with that. Oops?

Another pet request came in the form of a black cat. The reader used the word "lucky" in his post and I decided to adopt it for the character, since black cats and luck are so intertwined.

Finally, I had a request for a leopard. When I grabbed a source image, I was amused at how apathetic the kitty looked and that ended up defining this character.

I've quite enjoyed designing all these new characters, and I may keep up with the fan requests even though I don't have a background character scheduled to appear in the strip for quite a while. I like the fun drawing challenge!


Iron Ed said...

:-) The spaniel looks like Suzette before she became >SUZETTE<. :-)

The other doggie shows a very interesting peronality.

The black kitty looks like he has Jacob's personality. Is he actually -good- at the sports though? ;-)

Leopard Dude is kewl. I like the way his tail wraps around. Looks like he works out with Joseph too.

Iron Ed said...

"The Sycophant" What would "The Sycophont" look like..? ("Psychophont?")