Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Commissions are magical!

I had just finished inking the borders of the latest batch of Precocious strips when a new commission opportunity ended up in my inbox. Well, heck, I'm waiting for the ink to dry and I'm not yet set up to work on the other commissions - why not start playing with this one right away?

This proposed commission has me illustrating a character for someone's RPG, a noble fox lady magician. It's kinda silly for me to have done anything with it yet, as I have no physical description aside from knowing she's a female fox, but I thought it would be fun. (And it was!) The final of this will almost certainly bear no resemblance to this sketch, but it was a nifty way to kill time while the ink dried!

The plan for the rest of the day is to finish inking next week's Precocious strips, rearrange my studio and jump into the grueling task of tracing for the other commissions. I also have to scan in the next Copper Road at some point, but I'm waiting until TWC remembers to hit the reset button on its vote counter. Oh yeah, and I was supposed to launch a Precocious promotion a few days ago. I hope to get to that later too. AHH! THERE IS FAR TOO MUCH TO DO TODAY!

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