Thursday, June 2, 2011

And even MORE background characters!

I had a strip coming up that required more extras, so I put out the call again. Here are four of the five that are slated to appear in that strip. (One person hasn't given me his character sheet yet.)

What have I learn from handing out all these cameos? That my sphere of influence is very finite. I... I think I've run out of friends and readers to cameo! Good thing I'm not planning on scripting any new cameo-friendly strips in the next couple months!


Darc Sowers said...

The reporter cat-lady is cute. I like her design. I bet if you got a FurAffinity account for a few months and announced cameos there, you'd have a big turn-out.

Iron Ed said...

The tiger looks kinda like a cousin of Hobbes, after hearing about one of Calvin & Hobbes little "adventures". ;-)

Greg said...

You're asking for these on Twitter?

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Darc - I think I did make a FA account a loooong time ago, but I've never used it. If I want to grow the strip, I probably should start flirting with that community, eh?

Ed - For this batch ended up being tiger-centric for some reason, so I made my two tigers into squabbling brothers. It's kinda weird trying to turn these great predators into goofy Precocious-style characters.

Greg - I've been asking on Twitter, the forum and Precocious' front page shout box. First I worried I'd get too many replies for five spots. Then I worried I wasn't getting enough replies, so I gave one person two spots. Then I confirmed the spots. THEN I got a bunch of new requests. D'oh!