Monday, June 27, 2011


Apologies to all again. Still in a work funk, but I'm slowly trying to catch up.

Today's offering is the next step of the Skull Mountain commission. I blue lined the initial sketch, went back over it in blue pencil to flesh out the details and then did a pass with ink. Using this, I will then employ my lightbox to trace the final images in colored pencil and begin the coloring process. I want to have this whole thing done by Friday, since this is a time-dependent piece.

If you're wondering about that other sketch I wanted to have done the other day - it's still in limbo. I've got it about 60-70% figured out, but I'm not satisfied yet. Not happy that I'm dragging on this stuff, but that's how these funks go. As soon as I get some momentum back, I should be able to pull ahead again. Such is the temperamental ways of the artist.

To hasten my return to glory, I think I should shelve the other commission pieces for a few days and grind out some Precocious strips. I'm down to my last week of buffer and the anxiety to keep ahead is overtaking the sense of security that started my productive movement. I already have next week's strips inked, so they only need lettering and coloring. The real pressure is coming from the week after that, because that is when I plan on having Bonus Comics Day. That means I need 21 strips done for then instead of the usual 7. Scripting on those is done, and pencils have begun - so my work load is not nearly as scary as it seems. I just have to, y'know, spend my days working. I keep forgetting that.


Anonymous said...

I just wonder who has to chaperone the kids on this outing. No doubt that Skye has dumped the gang on someone else-most likely her in law (Sydney).

Tekaramity said...

"Spend...days...working"? What madness is this!?

...seriously, though, give yourself a *little* credit. This is turning out to be a pretty fantastic piece - far sweeter than the piece I commissioned a while back. The ante, it appears, has been upped. Time to put on my brain-stormfront hat for the next piece I commission...whenever the request for that may come. (Spoiler alert: not until I pay for next year's schooling.)