Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The comic marathon

I know I said I didn't want to make this kind of post, but with this task dominating my life of late I have no other options for today.

I woke up this morning with 10 pages laid out and ready for sketching... so why not try to sketch ALL OF THEM in one day? Heck, why stop there? I'll ink them too! 10 pages? How hard can it be? (Note: During my recent workathons, the best I'd done before was taking four pages to ink in a day.)

So here I am, 12 hours after my insane resolution. How did it go? Seven pages have been sketched and inked. I don't think I've ever had a day this productive!

What finally did me in for the day was my blasted finger, who finally started to protest around hour eight. You might think it's bad that an injury incurred in 2010 is still causing me trouble, but I am THRILLED! I haven't been able to draw for this many hours since before the injury! (If one counts the motions of inking as drawing.) I'm sure I'll pay for all this effort tomorrow, but for tonight I can celebrate!

Oh, and it means the rest of June is now covered, aside from coloring. (Which can be partially outsourced, so woohoo!)


Iron Ed said...

I really appreciate the effort; but, don't classes start again soon?? You'll need that finger!

Darc Sowers said...

Congrads! That's amazing! I'm glad to hear that the finger is getting stronger. Just please don't wear yourself out too much.

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Ed - I decided against taking Summer classes, choosing instead to focus on Precocious. The faster I build my buffer, the faster I can then turn to focusing on getting a book together.

Darc - Thanks! You are my inspiration with this, you know. Gotta keep up with the hardest working lass in comics!

Turns out the finger didn't cause me too much trouble today. It's a bit achey, but I was still able to finish off the last three strips AND knock out a Copper Road.

The benefits of having no life, I guess. I have nothing to do BUT work all day!

Iron Ed said...

Well, we -all- ("all" I'm sure!) appreciate your hard work and dedication! I love what you do for us! (...and a small check is in the mail! :-) )

Anonymous said...

Sounds like real improvement compared to a year ago. Seems like you've pretty well established how far you can push yourself without aggriivating the old injury.

No life, eh? That's pretty much the working life for those seriously in college or workiing. Work and spend what precious free time you do make socializing, etc. That's what I did and still do. Don't know what your coursework load is, but mine averaged 18 hours a semester.