Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alternate endings!

(click image to embigginate)

Mushroom cloud not your cup of tea? Have a look at the other possible endings to today's strip that were scripted. All are perfectly valid, so choose whatever ending your desire for the fuse tale... and imagine what might have been if you all had donated faster. ;-)


lucanorian said...

I'm not sure how I feel knowing you considered killing Tiffany.

DRB_II said...

If I recall correctly, after choking on her gum in 259, Chrispy planned to leave her out of the rest of the baseball arc nd never have any character acknowledge it. Would have worked brilliantly had the next day (an out of arc Sunday) not been Tiff-centric.

Also if I recall correctly, Tiff didn't show up in the extremely non-canonical teenage Precocious character sketch blog sketches, reason being "I know what happens to her, and I'm not saying Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha."

I should probably actually look this up later.

Anonymous said...

That is correct. Tiffany was not included in the teenage blog sketches and I was properly chastised for suggesting that she might look like the video game female character in that sketch. As the Sunday strip where she tricked Jacob suggests, she has the capability of being somewhat disarming-she can lull one into a false sense of normalcy or security.