Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jacob shirts!

There's a new shirt up in the store! All you Team Jacob supporters better run and get one, because it'll only be there for a limited time?

Why limited? Because Cafepress is cheap and evil, only allowing me to have one design per product at a time. I can pay to get the ability to sell multiple designs, but considering my store sells about one item every two months, that hardly seems worth it.

So what I will do is swap the new Jacob designs around in the economy shirt slot. Get the one you want before it rotates out!

If you think those Team Jacob freaks are getting smug, why not grab the Blame Jacob shirt when it rotates in? Maybe one day you will meet someone wearing the Team Jacob shirt and get into a brawl! That'll be awesome!

Finally, since someone requested it, here's a Jacob "I like me" shirt. Wearing this shirt will guarantee hugs from everyone.


Garrett Williams said...

Ah, I forgot that reason for going with Zazzle(shirt quality was my main reason). You can have multiple stores with Cafepress, one for each design, though. That'll allow multiple shirts with different designs. When I had a Cafepress store, I linked to each design's store from a page on my site. There's also a trick you can do with the url to combine multiple stores into one page, but I forgot what it was. I can't find that info anywhere & no guesses worked. Things could have changed in the 3+ years I've been away from Cafepress though.

Christopher J Paulsen said...

That's a good idea, with the separate stores. If I was expecting to sell more than *maybe* two shirts total, I would look into that. For now... meh.

I tried Zazzle before Cafepress, but the samples I got from them were all horrible misprints - followed by some bumbling on customer service's end. That was it for me with them.

All I know is I yearn for the day when I have enough interest to get the shirts printed myself and cut out the print on demand middle man.