Saturday, October 20, 2012

Watercolor inks! *sniffle*

It took me a full day before I realized I had to actually scan these things if I wanted to share them. I blame illness.

This is how wussy I am. I have the weakest cold known to man, and it's turned me into a whiny and useless baby. It's not the actual feeling bad thing - it's more psychological damage done by three days of "Am I coming down with something? This can't be it. It'll surely either go away or become a real illness come morning. What's with this stupid thing!?" Still, I went to Costco today and I DIDN'T FEEL WELL ENOUGH TO BUY A PIZZA. Do you know what a tragedy that is? Costco pizza is the best and I missed a rare chance to get it! (Rare because I don't go often and I'm too lazy to drive across town just for pizza.) This is a real tragedy. I'm so very lightly sick, but it's enough to wonk out my sense of smell and make eating much less fun. Didn't discover this until last night when I had to triple the seasoning on my chicken to get any flavor across. Thank goodness I wasn't cooking for a group, as was originally planned.

Anyway, on to the watercolor inks. Yes, I wanted them completed earlier, but it doesn't really matter *when* they're finished, because the plan wasn't to ship them until Tuesday anyway. If I wasn't such a whiny baby, I would have done them today. Instead, I'll try to knock them out tomorrow.

Here's the happy Precocized Fenris ink. You get the full body for the final, but not much has chanced. With all watercolor inks, it looks a little weird because the paint will do most of the shading.

And here's Ursula reading in her bedroom. I'm going to have to do a printout of this one and do a few tests before I do any final painting. First I must figure out the best color scheme, then I must make sure I am capable of mixing those colors.  (I've had lots of struggles with getting a nice pink so far.)

I have one more watercolor that needs to be sketched, and then things get quiet. (Note: It's not good when it gets quiet.) Well, I guess I can do convention prep...

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Iron Ed said...

Oh, these are both going to be very interesting (in a good way!) to look at when completed!

I think the Fenris piece is going to be really fluffy looking both in his fur and the background. It should have some really fun contrast between Fenris' fluffy fur, especially around his head and face, along with the grassy background versus the few strong, smoothly lined parts like the ball and his eyes, nose, mouth, etc. I am anticipating a very good looking piece here!

Ursula's picture looks just how I'd picture her personality from what we've seen of her so far in the story; a real sweet-heart!
(By the way... Is she missing the heart shape from her forehead or does that not get added until you color this type of drawing?)

Both of these pictures are going to be really nice!