Friday, October 5, 2012

Chrispstarter! (Get some fun stuff!)

So it's not quite a Kickstarter project, but it does have lots of the love involved! Here's a way to get some fun stuff and keep me out of a pauper's grave. I've had lots of expenses lately and very little income, so let's fix that problem! Read to see all the options you can take to support me and Precocious!

I will be editing this post as slots are claimed.

SWAG BAG - All Swag Bags claimed - $25

Can't make it to conventions to see me? Let me bring that fun to you! This item nets you the complete Precocious pin set, the full magnet set (or whichever ones you need) AND an artist trading card commission of your choice of a Precocious character! These cards are drawn with ink and marker and are the size of a baseball card. (The Kaitlyn demo card has already been claimed!)

WATERCOLOR COMMISSIONS - 10 slots remaining - $30

Character painting (mine or yours), pet painting or cute animal painting - it's your choice! Pieces are 5.5x8". (Larger paper sizes are available, but limited. Email me if you are interested.) These are one-character, limited background pieces. When you claim a slot, we will work together to develop a sketch. Once a sketch is approved, the piece goes into a queue for completion. I will be doing these paintings during scheduled livestreaming, and we can coordinate times for you to witness the painting of your piece! (A post about streaming times will appear on the front page when slots are taken and/or a weekly schedule is set.)

CAST CARDS - All cast cards claimed! - $5

Want to support Precocious on the cheap AND get original art? For the upcoming cast page revamp (yes, it'll happen - hopefully by the end of October) I am drawing each character's portrait on a 4x6" index card. (What's pictured is the colored result of the cast page drawings. The card will be black ink on white.) If you claim this option, you will get one of those cards, randomly chosen.


I can do individual artist trading cards for $10, character badges for $15 and larger quick commissions up to 9x12" - prices on larger commissions depend on what is involved. Ask me!


For everything $100 raised in this promotion, a double-sized bonus comic will be unlocked! But here's the catch: It's a story, so you're only getting it if all 15 are unlocked. I've pulled back the offer to sell the originals, as you probably want to SEE what I'm doing before you buy it, but this bonus story WILL happen once the donation bar is full!


Hey, it's ok. Sometimes we can't help out. There are ways to support this comic without financial contributions. Commenting builds a community, and it helps me know you're paying attention. Cartoonists are fragile beings. We give a lot for very little in return, so it's always great to hear from readers. Sharing the comics over social media, using the buttons on the archive pages, helps. Spread the word! Vote for Precocious on TWC every day and give my ranking a boost! Active readers make cartoonists very happy!


You can grab a slot using the donation button, or send a Paypal payment using my email of Be sure to specify what slot you are claiming in the comment box. I will send a follow-up email to the donation, so make sure you're checking the email account linked with your Paypal. Also be sure the payment includes your current address.

If you want to stack and claim multiple slots, you can do so. Bonus donations are, of course, accepted.

I accept payment by check, if needed, so you can email me and arrange that.


Shipping is included if you are in the US. International buyers should add $1 for character cards and $5 for swag bags.

I'll let you know when your artwork will go out. I usually make a weekly run to the post office. If you need a piece by a certain date, please let me know.

Thanks to all for reading. More thanks if you choose to take part in this promotion. ;-)

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Tenko Kitsune said...

Awesome comic, I hope the Chrispstarter is a success. I'll be assessing my finances beginning of next month (moving to new apartment and haven't calculated all the costs), and hope to contribute then.