Monday, October 1, 2012

Guest Week 3 Bonus Art!

As promised long ago, here are the guest art/comics used as vote incentives for Guest Week 3! You can click all the images for full-sized versions.

Pieces uploaded in the order Blogger chose to upload them in. I was too lazy to sort by date. First up is a great image by Erik Amill, of Biff the Vampire!

Here's a comic by Jordyn Jensen:

This one one comes from readers Jeremy and his sister.

The following two comics are by Iron Ed!

I love this artwork from Lucy Lyall, of Spare Keys for Strange Doors!

More guest art by Precocious' part-time coloring, DRB_II!

And this glorious piece of art by Heidi Black, a companion piece to her guest strip:

1 comment:

Iron Ed said...

Nice! And all but two of them are really well drawn. ;-) But I particularly like Lucy's and DRB_II's. (Now what is Tiffany painting???)