Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Power is out. Smartphones are great. (Updated)

Within two minutes of power going out, I discovered my stash of candles weren't where I thought they were and that my flashlight only had 30 seconds of battery life. So I burned scented candles and used my iPhone instead!

Anyway, I hope the outage is quickly resolved, but who knows with this megastorm. Comics are uploaded through Sunday, so no panicking until then.

Really, the only reason I'm posting now is because I CAN. Living in the future is great. Blogging in the middle of a hurricane, listening to music on the iPod. Posting a cat pic for added flair.

Of course, if my battery goes before power returns, I will be completely unable to cope.

UPDATE: Morning is here and things look good upon the initial check. Power returned over the night and there's little damage to the yard. Every dead branch in our trees ended up on the ground, but they're all small ones - so this was more of a landscaping service than a disaster. I saw a larger limb down across the street, but that's it so far. I'm glad I was spared, but that's because the storm chose to focus on the northeast. I wish all those affected a speedy recovery.

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