Monday, October 29, 2012

This is what I did today.

No, this isn't an official cast photo or anything, but it *is* a collection of all the pics that will be going on the cast page! I thought it would be fun to see what would happen if I crammed them all together.

Before you get too excited, the new cast page bios haven't been written yet, and I have yet to decide how the page will even be laid out. This is a free time thing, and free time is rare.

Anyway, it seems a hurricane is coming at me. If I disappear from the internet, it's probably due to a power outage. I may end up comicking by candlelight, or I may luck out and have the megastorm focus all its energy on crushing New England. Who knows? (To all my friends up there: I hope you are safe and things go well! If my wish comes true, sorry I sent it to you.)

I really hope preparedness wins out and this storm's impact is quickly remedies. I kinda need power and internet to function, y'know?


Iron Ed said...

Wow! This is nice!

and... Good luck with the storms!
They're -scheduled- to miss me in Raleigh, this time. :-)

Jenos Ide said...

Another cast picture. It does look nice, and more chaotic than the previous one (which is appropriate all things considered.)
Hope you aren't affected by the hurricane much, or for long. I'm safe from those pesky things in Texas.