Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More streaming Thursday! (Maybe Friday too)

I was spared by the storm, so now I'm free to plan the rest of my week! I'll be streaming again on Thursday the 1st, at 8pm Eastern time. Streams usually run between three and four hours, so you can pop in at any time and join the conversation! Above is a screenshot from the end of the last stream showing off work done that night. When you watch, you get to see my pale hands drawing and hear my melodious voice narrate and converse with the chatroom. (You don't need a Ustream account to participate in the chatting, unless you want a username.)

I will be drawing art cards the whole time, starting with swag bag commissions reserved through the Chrispstarter Fundraiser. (Two unit left to claim, and plenty of watercolor slots too!) Note: If you ordered a swag bag this week, please check the email associated with your Paypal account, including the spam folder. I haven't heard back from one of you yet. Once the pre-paid cards are finished, I will be open for in-steam purchases or general portfolio-building requests.

If folks are up for it, I can stream on Friday as well. This can be more art cards, larger commission examples or book two bonus art. People who reserve commission time ahead of the stream get priority. I can start this one a bit earlier for those stream-starved Europeans. But you folks gotta let me know if you want this one.

My streaming page is here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-sycophant

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