Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moving: Take two!

Behold: The original art for my Copper Road contribution to The Webcomics Tarot Project! There will be one for Precocious too, but it's a major arcana and I intend to make it spectacular! Unfortunately, spectacular requires art supplies that are currently in Savannah. (And I do want these to be spectacular, as I'm thinking of putting the originals up for sale.)

...Which leads me to the next topic! Tomorrow I make an attempt to rescue my stuff and bring it up to Virginia! It will be a daring adventure, as we'll arrive in the dead of night, grab the truck in the morning, load it up and attempt to leave around lunchtime. Grueling hours, but if it means I will FINALLY have my stuff, it's all worth it.

What does this mean? Well, obviously, my lack of a studio has ruined all planned August productivity. Once the studio is back and set up, I will have to lock myself in it and hammer out some Precocious strips to give me some breathing room. (And, of course, the preliminary plan had me drawing double strips. I may be rewriting those.) Stuff like portraits are on hold. (Which really sucks, because I fell ONE portrait short. It is nothing personal, portrait dude! Just bad luck!) I won't post the last portrait sheet until all four are completed, but you can find the ones already done on my Twitter account.  The tarot card mentioned above will also be pushed back slightly, although it does have high priority.

The rest of the big projects? Pushed back as well, or at least not getting full focus. Instead of launching some special projects early September, I think I'll wait until after I get back from Intervention in DC (see me there Sept 21-23) before making a splash. (I still might try streaming a bit, though, since the new webcam is already here.)

In a week, I will have a much better sense of what my new schedule will be. I don't want to make any new promises now, because the house I'm in now needs A LOT of work and unpacking/cleaning/sorting is draining. I hope to catch up with everything soon!


Darc Sowers said...

That turned out nice! The Copper Road kids get to shine in the spotlight. Cool!

Good luck with the move. Think of it this way, you won't have to deal with that horrible bed now. What's with that thing anyway?

Have a safe trip!

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Thanks! Of course, there's no room for the old bed at the moment, so it's still me vs the marshmallow for the foreseeable future. (I really should draw some comics about it.)

Darc Sowers said...

What about your futon? Will that help?

There's an idea! Comics about the bed to encourage people to support the "Get Chrispy a Decent Bed A-Thon!" You can't draw more 'Precocious' if you can't get a decent night's sleep / are in pain. It might work. :D

Iron Ed said...

So, is your current moving klown uh.. "buddy," the same klown that disappeared without warning for a week?

Wish I could've helped you instead, but I don't have transportation capable of a run from Raleigh to Savannah to Winchester to Raleigh. Also, I had to work Friday and -thought- I was Monday. I feel for ya, dude.