Sunday, August 12, 2012

FA:United and moving! (And more!)

Folks in the Jersey area, you'd best be making plans to come see me! This weekend I will be hanging with the RCSI folks at FA: United and it will be awesome. Look at the map! We are easy to find! Also, since it's three people at one small table, I will have lots of free time when I'm not selling. I will be wandering and looking for friends! You can totally abduct me and get a good head start with me in your trunk before anyone noticed! (Please don't do that.)

As part of this conventure, I am moving shop from Georgia to Virginia. And I am doing it RIGHT NOW. What does that mean? For one, my internet access on Monday and Tuesday will be restricted to using the 3G on my iPhone, as those are the moving days. Actually, since I'll be setting up and soon traveling to FA:U, my internetting will be random all week.

Things will be hectic while I settle in, which is why I'm doing the upcoming guest strip week. (Still looking for more entries, by the way!) Another consequence is there might not be a Copper Road for the rest of the month. (If I have extra guest strips or art, I will use them as incentives.)

The benefit of this move is that things will get very awesome in September! I will try to figure out how to do livestreaming, so you folks can watch me draw commissions/bonus art and we can do regular chat sessions! I also have some promotions planned, which I'll get to soon.

Furthermore, I can announce that my presence at InterventionCon in DC (Sept 21-23) has been upgraded from "dude wandering around" to "dude with a dealer's table!" Even better, I am bringing some awesome friends with me! The programming for this con looks spectacular, and we hope to be taking part in a few panels there. You should definitely come to this one! It's a "local" con now, so it needs love to ensure it gets big and strong. (Also, it's an internet nerdery con, not a furry con, for those who have been scared. This is your new home!)

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