Saturday, August 25, 2012


Another part of the portrait experiments. This time, I took on my friend's twins. THIS IS TERRIFYING! Not only are babies/toddlers/whatever-you-call-two-year-olds a whole new ball game, but THESE ARE PEOPLE I WILL HAVE TO LOOK AT IN THE FACE ON A REGULAR BASIS.  They judge.

The scan was very unkind to me, dropping out a lot of subtle stuff. (Note how much of the background got eaten.)  I did ok with Juliet (on the left), but Zoe's gonna need a few touchups once I get brave again.

And, yes, I left in Zoe's hand gesture so you people could craft a narrative. (I combined them from two separate pictures.) Be funny, but nice.

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Iron Ed said...

"I'm telling you, Sis; just four years and the world is ours!"