Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I swear this dude has teeth

In this post, we rediscover what scanners do to subtle coloring. Any place with a W2 or below coloring level got zonked.  Well, maybe that means I was too timid.  I chose this pic because it was the most difficult look of the images offered, so I was scared at times. Smiles are hard. Smirks are easy. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SMIRK MORE.  Also, when one buys Copic markers, grabbing a bunch of potential skin tones is a good idea. I don't have that collection, so I have to improvise. Grayish Cherry doesn't seem that face-y, but it proved quite useful today! The smattering of colors can be kinda cool if thrown around well enough, though.

Also, I am starting to conclude that Precocious is for bearded dudes, by bearded dudes. Will someone please submit a picture to disprove this theory?

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