Monday, August 27, 2012

The portraits keep coming!

Completed another page, so here you go! (If you want to see them as they are done, follow me on Twitter!)

I have one more promised portrait to do, then a few optional ones of my family. Tomorrow the cleaning of the house begins in earnest, so my portrait productivity will go down. On Friday, I am driving back down to Savannah to retrieve my stuff, which will eventually lead to madcap comic production as my buffer will be completely gone when I return - so Thursday is the last day I'll be doing portraits. I'll take up to three more requests, then I'll put portraits on hold until I'm caught up on work. Doing first come, first serve, so act now!

Update: One slot left. Also, I am so very very tired after hauling junk around this house all day. (And I had the easiest job of the four people here, so you should really pity them!) If I don't get 'em all done before I leave on Friday, will you forgive me?

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Iron Ed said...

You are improving in just this short stretch! Good job!