Saturday, August 25, 2012

The reader portraits continue!

So, it turns out that sitting on a squishy bed - and I cannot stress enough how mindbogglingly squishy this thing is - and trying to draw can do a number on your neck. If I was a cool cartoonist, I'd make a journal comic about it. But I'm not, so you just get more portraits and some griping.

Neck pain has slowed me down, but not defeated me! I got this one, as promised. One more remains for today's queue. We'll see how I hold up. That one might not appear until tomorrow evening.  (I'll be gone for most of tomorrow visiting my relatives in DC.)

I have three portraits to do on Monday. After that, it could be you!  This promotion will last until I get a new project, or my neck snaps, both should happen around the middle of next week. Don't miss your chance!

1 comment:

Iron Ed said...

Obviously I do not know the model, but I think this is one of the better portraits. I like the eye treatment.