Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Convention season!

Hey, folks! With the book coming out and me needing to build up my name, I'll be showing up at a few more conventions this year! Guess I should probably list what those cons will be so you make plans to come and say hi!

Yes, I'm re-posting my awesome Precocious banner again. It's relevant! Look for it when you come to the cons! Heck, you can look for the guy in the photo too. That's Matt from the Code Name: Hunter team, and I'll be at the table next to him for all three cons! (If you want to know what *I* look like for con stalking... dudes, my picture has been posted on the sketch blog for FOUR YEARS. Read some supplementary material for once!)

Anyway, here are the cons:

Anthrocon - June 14-17 in Pittsburgh, PA.

FA United - August 17-19 in Whippany, NJ.

Midwest FurFest - November 16-18 in Chicago, IL.

Why go to cons? After my May commissionathon thingy, these will be the only ways to get your hands on custom Chrispy art. Art which can be placed in the BOOKS I WILL BE SELLING (after it comes out). I'll also have some con-only stuff for sale, like pins and potentially minicomics. Also, most importantly, you get to meet me! That's rad! Seriously, come keep me company.

If you were wondering, I'd love to go to regular comic cons too - and that's the plan for next year. This year I just wasn't fast enough to grab a spot in the ones I wanted.

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