Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good thing it's warm out...

...because I keep drawing Ms. Monster without much of a top.

Here is the line art for the next belly dancer watercolor.  My big question here is the accessories. The cloth danging from the top was incorporated from the source pic, but it can go. The bracelets were mostly me seeing it they'd work.  (The original had patterned forearm wraps, but I didn't think they'd translate well.) For colors, I was thinking of borrowing a similar color scheme from the other Ms. Monster piece I did today. (Should I post the May commissions on this blog too, or keep them on my FA?) I'd aim for a deeper blue on this one - and I'm debating trying out going over the blue fabric color with a white ink pen and adding some designs.  That could work, or it could backfire big time. Maybe I'll do a test on a scrap paper when I'm working.

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