Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Copper Road! 5/1/12

First off, if you're reading on the home page - check the news items below. I've posted a lot of important updates recently, including two today!

This is actually more a deleted scene than a Copper Road, but it has Kaitlyn so it counts! When I was scripting this arc, I knew I had to be economical. I had eight stories to tell in five weeks, which doesn't leave much room for dilly dallying. In the end... I was *too* economical! I had 33 strips when I needed 35! What you see here is a version of a strip I had originally planned to add to the beginning of Kaitlyn's section. Vote here to see it!

(If you're wondering, I made up the ground when I rewrote Suzette's story.)

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