Saturday, May 5, 2012

Commission sketch assault!

Here we go! Let's start the sketch approval process so I can get these commissions done over the next week!

The idea for this commission is to show Max on a sports poster, which shall hang in another character's bedroom.  Max, being the star athlete, has signed it!  I was given the suggestions of tennis or soccer, and I chose soccer because that's his stronger sport.  (Max may have a tennis trophy in the comic, but it's implied he won it by having his real competition taken out by random accidents.)

In addition to the striker pose, I promised to attempt a bicycle kick shot for Max.

My task here was to show Yvette's family. I decided to depict them going on a walk. Unfortunately, I hit on the idea AFTER I had started drawing, so Eva fell off the edge of the page. She'll get her spot on a horizontal layout if this sketch is approved.

"Casey at the Bat."  The original request was to show more of a baseball scene, but that would put it well beyond the limits of this promotion.  My proposed compromise is to have her walking to the batters box.  the crowd in the background will be more implied than drawn with details.

I was asked to draw a devilbunny! A devilbunny in a fancy dress! The dress I chose is a mishmash of embroidered swirls and flower elements. I'd say rhinestones or sequins, but I doubt that would come across in colored pencil.  It's chaotic fancy for now, but it can easily be reduced to regular fancy with only one of the elements used. I also added a jeweled headband with dangling gems because why not? I was working under the definition of fancy, as thought by a devilbunny.  Like every sketch, I'm open to tweaks.

I was asked to draw Ivy in a wedding dress. The request specified a non-poofy dress and a tiara.  Oh, that tiara... *shakes fist*  Since she obviously wouldn't be in a ponytail, I let her hair down with a slight curl.  Also, if I drew her with her hair up, I'd have to turn it into a side shot

Slick Kat asked me to give his character a girlfriend, and the only requirement was cat. That's a lot of options.  I started with a calico, because calicos are the best. The outfit is basic and pose standard because I didn't have a composition idea yet. She's sporty!

Contestant #2 is a classy angora.  This is a pretty terrible sketch, but I kept it to show the options. The idea here was that they were sending each other texts while in the same room as each other.  The body language would be improved if this idea is chosen.

And here's a pose that's always fun: Arms locked!  Girl #3 is a dark-colored cat, like a Russian blue or even a black cat.  Her look is kinda punk. For the girls, the hair/style/kitty type is all interchangeable, of course. It depends on what (if any) Slick Kat wants.

That's all for now.  I still have one sketch left to do, but it's a secret so it wouldn't be here anyway.

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Iron Ed said...

Oooh, these are all nice! But I particularly like Ivy and Casey. :-)

Ivy makes the sweetest clone scien... uh... bride; and Casey will be batting 1,000 with the engineering nerds. :-)