Saturday, May 12, 2012

Commissionathon still going on!

To catch up those not in the know, I've been drawing a commission a day this month to build up skills and a portfolio for the summer conventions. I've based it over on my formerly-ignored FA account, since that's the con demographic I'll be playing with during my book push. There are still spots available for cheap commissions, ranging from $15 to $25 for 8.5x11" drawings. I'll draw Precocious or your own characters. I know this kinda conflicts with me also selling books, but it's my last commission drive for a long time.  If you want a sketch from me after May, you'll have to reach me at a convention.


Iron Ed said...

I caught a quick, unfocused glimpse of the Ivy and Dionne pics next to each other and...wuuut??

Just change Dionne's signage to "Mail-Order Brides." :-)

Iron Ed said...

The one at the top-right is the bestest. Just sayin'... ;-)