Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More fun with shirt designs

So cafe press is weird in that it only lets you link one image to an item. Ok, fine, whatever. It's easier to use than Zazzle! Mock me all you want, other web publishes, but I'm taking the easy way out!

My counter to being forced to designate one image per item is to create an image specifically FOR an item. In this case, I'm creating the SCIENCE! graphic for a dark shirt. Will it work? I ordered a proof to see. (In addition, I ordered an Unrestrained Creativity shirt to see how that looks.) I want to make sure the quality is good before I officially offer to store to the public. You are still free to buy as you wish, though!

I do concede that the print on demand method is overly expensive. If I had a really good design, I'd produce and sell them myself - but I need this POD service to see what's popular first. It's good for trial and error. Anyway, if you worry about the cost, remember this also serves as a donation to keep Precocious going. (Donations are appreciated!)

In other news, I am still an exhausted mess. Maybe tomorrow I'll do better.

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