Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm working, I swear!

I'm just not working very *hard* as of late. Chalk it up to unexpected socialization and should-have-expected sleep problems. But I have done lots of stuff today, I swear! I worked on three comics, two paintings and did some Project Wonderful stuff for Sometime Alone. My daily sketching so far consists of nothing but Autumn heads, none of which are worth scanning for display.

I hope to have some painting stuff ready for display tomorrow, as this blog is in need of some good content! (And not just the shilling of shirts.) Chances are I'll have it ready tonight, but there's this danged midnight deadline thing. End of the day, my tush! MIDNIGHT IS WHEN I START TO GET GOING! So why don't I post stuff at 5am when I finish it? Because at that point I'm delusional and think the walls are talking to me. (They are such bores too.) Then again, delusional blogging might be kinda interesting...

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