Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blah to the blahs!

Hey, look, actual progress! I'm going into week two of the blahs here and it's nice to have some signs that my productivity is returning. I like when I have real stuff to show on the sketch blog, because it means I'm doing MORE than my daily obligations. Just getting by isn't enough. I must shoot for the moon! I will destroy the moon!

The St. Tiffany painting is closing in on completion. Some detailing is still needed, but the big point of contention is the background. While it scanned nicely, let me tell you it's blotchy and wildly uneven at this point. Crimson just isn't opaque enough for my liking! (Note that it didn't cover up the candles I eliminated at all.) Solution: ADD MORE WHITE! WHITE COVERS ALL MISTAKES! I'm not sure yet how I'm going to whiten things up, but I'm leaning towards a light crimson background with darker swirls or something for texture. I'll have to do some experimenting.

My mind is already starting to wander onto the next commission, with Dionne and Max. It's going to be a larger piece and probably the hardest one yet - it's very hard to get two figures to be in sync proportionately. If I had a projector, it would be easy - but I'm not blowing $200 to make a $100 painting easier. That's not sensible! I've done ok so far with copying sketches, so all will be right and good in the end. Bah, I should stop thinking in the future anyway - I can't afford to neglect the present much more!

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