Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another anxiety conquered!

At long last, the painting of frustrations is coming to a close! As suspected, the background was holding me back. I swapped it out for pale umber - also known as the color of Jacob - and it works much better. It's not perfect, but saves me the time and pain of mixing a color. Now I have to do some white and gray touch-ups on the edges and I'll be ready to throw it on the heap.

This isn't my best work by far, but it'll look nice next to the others. There's no time to dwell on it, the show must go on! It's time to start a new painting - one with blue this time! (I think my refusal to use blue in this one caused the frustration.) So now the questions is... what is my new anxiety.

Well, that one is clear. My favorite person in the world, Dana, just gave birth to twin girls - two months prematurely. First: CONGRATULATIONS, DANA AND JASON! SMART PEOPLE HAVE PROCREATED! THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF THIS! Second: Ack! The girls are doing as well as can be expected - but it's certainly causing some concern.

Needless to say, the family is in my thoughts. I'm going to stand back for this one and give them some space. They are surely deluged with family and well-wishers, and my best gift at the moment is to not add to the craziness. Is this a good friend thing to do? I dunno. I'll be there for them soon enough.

So I guess my option here is to take out my neurosis on painting - where it can't harm anyone! (Or help anyone.) Woo!

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Donna Schirmer said...

Praying for the little ones to thrive...and Mom and Dad to have peace.