Sunday, January 3, 2010

I remembered how to paint!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I never managed to get the free time to do anything significant. You might say it's a bad sign to start the new year that way, but I say the new year doesn't begin until I get home! Grandparents' house time is non-canon! You'll also note I never said I'd keep blogging daily in my resolutions. I'm in the clear! (I do intend to blog every day, since it keeps me active, but I won't cry if I miss a day occasionally.)

Anyway, I finally got time to set up for painting! I wanted to be done with the Saint Tiffany painting by now, but I'll settle for good progress. I hope to finish this up within a week, so I can begin work on the Max/Dionne dance painting. What you see here is the first layer of coloring. The groundwork has been laid for the final coats, assuming the coloring is acceptable. The big gamble is the crimson background. I went with it because it's a St. Lucia color, and I'm fairly pleased with how it looks. I might touch it up with some white for the final, but that's one of the last steps. I can always change it and move the crimson back to the robe if desired.

I still have a long ways to go with this thing, but it's nice to see it shaping up. Here's to finishing it up soon!

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