Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh, Bob...

So today in the Twitterverse, the lovely Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots showed off some of her Shepherd drawings. Once of which bore the unmistakable of ass of Bob, the walking blob that was Shepherd's standard drawing model. That frightening old man was the only one willing to work Shepherd cheap, I guess.

Ahh, the memories that flabby ass brought back! I wanted to share *my* Bob ass with Danielle, but unfortunately I could not find the Bob drawings I wanted in time. I tore the place apart, but the pad containing those "special" drawings was not to be found! On the way, I did find less-impressive Bob-drawings, like the one above, but the moment had passed.

I'll have to seduce you some other way, Danielle!

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