Friday, February 20, 2009

Spoiler alert!

Realizing that I have precious few color strips of many Precocious characters, I set about rectifying that. There's a massive color story coming (the ever-hyped parents' intro) which should cover some good stuff. But what about the supporting kids? They won't be appearing! Strip #7 is the only color version I have of them outside of supervillain get-ups. Well then... let's play some more!

This banner ad features a detail from next Sunday's strip. Those in the know might even be able to figure out the punchline. Oh well, it took a long time to make and it's "bonus" - that's fair game for blogging! Not sure I'm fully sold on the ad yet, but it's good enough for now.

Edit: Darn differently-calibrated monitors! Kaitlyn is the best-looking one on the HDTV, but she looks like a washed out Martian on the old school screen. I have no idea what you people are seeing. Please let it be the good version!

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