Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Background dude 2: Genetics-friendly edition

Today I started working on the new comics. Progress is slllloooooowwww. Doesn't help that the current stuff needs lots of planning and blocking to make all the elements fit in those tiny panels properly. There's also the weakest strips of the bunch - but I needed to do *something* to get the story started, so it works. I hope to have a handful sketched out by the time I pass out tonight. Current total: One. And a half. Woo!

Taking a break from the brain-teaser aspects of spatial relationships, I turned to my skechbook and began drawing randomly. When I hit up on lovely shocked expression, I decided to focus on it a bit more. The face was too old to be a kid, and Harvey Linkletter just doesn't play that game, so I went back to Vincent's ever-shifting daddy.

This roughly represents my first idea for daddy Iddenstein, which is fairly standard cartoon parental cloning thing. While I understand it's visual usefulness, I still don't like playing it up too much. At least eerily-similar parents and children happens. The previous version stressed the science behind walking, talking cartoon animals. (If we don't have strict rules on this, characters start singing, "Here is my hand, where is your paw?" That shit ain't right!) Still not sure what incarnation of background dude will end up in the comic, or even if his strips survive the cut, but there you go.

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