Monday, February 23, 2009

My paintings bore the elderly, everyone else

This is the violet painting in its current state. I've reached one of those, "uh, what next?" moments, so painting has halted for now. I've made the plant look a bit more plant-ish, with the goal of letting the background be wild enough to balance it all out. Before you get too worried, the background will be muted fairly hard.

This morning, my grandfather wandered down to watch me paint. I, unfortunately, am not Bob Ross. I don't really talk much when painting. Heck, I usually have a show or something sports-related going on as background so someone ELSE can talk for me. (Honestly, it's the only way I ever stop talking - and my friends all know it doesn't work that well. I can fanfic pretty hard and chat with the characters if my brain drifts in such fashion.) Anyway, I was all silent and violet. (Shockingly, I haven't typoed with a "violent" yet, although I've certainly been thinking about it.) Grandpa eventually fell asleep. Go me! Sure, he's an Alzheimer's patient who was overdue for his before-lunch nap, but it's funnier to say my painting bored a man to sleep. Like Solomon's wisdom drilling through a rock of injustice, I'm boring... boring... boring... boring...

I may or may not keep painting today. I *also* have 31 Precocious strips that need inking, so today might turn into "how many speech bubbles can I ink before I snap" day! Should I do more painting, I may or may not just edit this post with more pics. Stay tuned! Fuller bulletins will be posted as needed.

(Boring... boring... boring...)

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