Saturday, February 21, 2009

Painted Plastic Plants Provide Profit? Possibly.


Tonight painting begins again on part 4 of my plastic plan series. I'm excited, because this arrangement is dynamic without me having to meddle too much with it. Ask me about this again in two hours, though - *after* I've taken a stab at it.

Here are the three others and how they shape up for the Mill application:

This haphazard fern isn't done. I'm going to knock back the background and try to sharpen up some of the more egregiously bad spots - but tonight is all about the new and exciting. The fern is old and depressing. My attention span just couldn't last long enough to paint the damn fronds!

Here are the other two after PROPER photography and a bit of color correcting. The colors still aren't perfect, and the lighting remains uneven, but you get a decent sense of their nature.

In other news, the DC wi-fi connection is averaging two minutes of internet connection out of ever five. I'm not talking big scheme here. I mean in any given five-minute window, connection will be one and off, giving about two minutes of internet time. It'd be far less stressful if I had one solid 22-minute stretch each hour in which to work. Stuff like uploading an attachment to email or pictures to blogger is highly dangerous. So. Many. Tries. Are. Needed. Argh! Doing comic updates will be unpleasant.

It's time to post this blog, and you can guess how much success I'm having. At least I know it'll eventually go through if I keep trying. It's better than having nothing.

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