Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Say hello to your new god!

In accordance with Chrispmas, I have until March 24th to provide a gift - and even then we have some leeway. Laziness cannot be contained! Last December I promised my mother I would get her a HDTV to go with the HD-ready box in her bedroom. I had the perfect TV picked out, the Sears' website had it listed as available, my brother and I confidently walked in to pick it up... and two of the most inbred-looking people I've ever seen told me it was sold out. Damn Appalachian runoff!

Well, it went back on sale. This time, it's MINE! My mother will be so happy.

But mother's on a trip. I can't possibly just let it sit around! Hey, look, I have enough spare cords and parts to turn my laptop into a magnificent HD desktop set-up.

Sorry mom, this TV is now a vital part of my life. Old computer has now been marginalized to a corner, only to be used when something goes wrong and Photoshop starts opening adjustment windows in the ether, thus making it impossible to do anything but curse and cry. LIKE NOW, FOR INSTANCE! Even my false idols hate me. :-(

Anyway, assuming a reboot fixes things, I might have to kill my family to ensure I can use this TV forever. It's the only solution.

Edit: The image appears HUGE on this TV (since the resolution is still my laptop's) and it looks seriously impressive at this size. All you people with pedestrian monitors are missing out.

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