Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'd better get my move on...

...or all the good ones will have gone.

Thank to Dana's generous Chrispmas gift, I was allowed to indulge a bit at The great conquest of last night was the downloading of CSS' latest album, Donkey. I am seriously hooked. The band has gone from art punks flirting with the B-52's to outright footstep following. (According Wikipedia, this is called "New Rave" - which is an awesome term.) I have no problems with this move whatsover. I had put off acquiring this album because critics weren't that enthusiastic over it. (The dreaded MUSIC B grade was bandied about.) Fools!

Of course, when I get attached to an album and listen to it over and over, it puts me in a trance. Strange things happen when I'm entranced, as anyone who got a novella from me in their email today can attest. Alas, the time of dreamy meandering is about to end. It's time to silence the other computer. (Problem: iTunes hates PCs and thus destroys everything when asked to share resources. Solution: Buy a HDTV and hook a laptop up to it, allowing the old desktop to devote itself solely to music providing.) I had to create something fun to share - hey, everyone, guess what CSS stands for! -and get it up before lost.

Now my attention turns away from this giant, loving monitor and focuses upon the comic. 24 intro arc strips sketched, 12 left to sketched, none inked so far. Ahh, progress!

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