Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Haven sketches

And here's the second Haven project I mentioned in the last post. This one is a watercolor of him casually looking up into the stars, hands in pockets.

This was the initial sketch.The goal here was to see how much of the figure is needed for the composition to work, and how I should treat the background.  The closer I can pull in on the guy means the more defined I can make him, but the scene has to make sense.  For this, I populated a night scene with a nearby tree, and a treeline (and maybe mountains) in the back to contrast with the starry night sky.

Here's another take, with the full body. I gave the character the full Precocious treatment in this one, as I struggled to get a nice balance with the eyes and muzzle. With the feet showing, I didn't need the tree to help locate him, so it's a simple treeline behind him.

More sketches of the head stargazing, with me messing with various things.

This piece can still go in many directions. Aside from choosing the proper zoom, pose, angle and rendering style - there's a question of color.  I've got to figure out how his colors work in the dark - or if a monochromatic approach with various shades of blue would be more interesting.  I've never done a night scene in watercolor, so this should be interesting.


Iron Ed said...

This picture gives me a warm and friendly feeling towards Haven. Nice!

Realizing that I am not involved with this in the slightest... I like the more zoomed in pose. It shows off his personality better.

Of the sheet of head pictures, I like the one at top-left best.

Now I want to see what Haven thinks of it all. :-)

Jenos Ide said...

I said the middle in the top row looks pretty darn good, and agree with the zoomed in pose.

Iron Ed said...

@Jenos - Agreed; that was my close-second choice. :-)

Jenos Ide said...

@Ed: Yeah, it was difficult choosing one. Tougher not to choose something Precocious related.