Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The dynamite jester

Here's a sketch for my first commission of the current push. (Note: Plenty of slots are still open, if you're interested!)

Today it's Tiffany, dressed as a jester, juggling dynamite. While the sketch uses colored pencil, the final product will be a watercolor. (I want to take a moment now and high-five myself because I eyeballed this sketch perfectly - the scan is exactly the right proportions for the final piece.) While I used teal and magenta for this sketch, the colors are subject to change. Other sketches used red/blue and green/purple, but I wasn't thrilled with the figure in them enough to bother scanning them in. The layout I've pictured here doesn't have to be a final, but it's closer to it than the other sketches. One last note on the color: The change to watercolors will also cause some variance in whatever colors are selected, but I'll do my best to keep it close.

Edit: Played around with the colors a bit to show another option, just 'cause.

Another edit: The sketch was approves and here's the inked version. Once I get the OK on it, painting shall begin!

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