Sunday, July 8, 2012

SpiderForest Comic of the Week!

Updating this a bit early, because it's a special one and I have other SpiderForest news too!

First off, it's admissions season at SpiderForest.  If you have a webcomic and you'd like to be part of a great collective, take some time and fill out an application.  SpiderForest offers many good things to accepted entries. Members have the option of free hosting and tech help in upgrading their content management system. (Good for young comics just learning the ropes.)  It also has a helpful community that's there with help and advice!

And now the main event! This week's featured comic is The Cyantian Chronicles! Actually, it's more of a collection of comics, which are set in the same vast universe. The above link takes you to just one branch of the story, Darius. If you look around the site, you will find archive after archive that peek into the lives of different characters at different points of one big timeline. Cool, huh?

I've been following this series for a decade now. When I first stumbled upon it, I was amazed to see the entire universe at work. Many creators build worlds in their heads, but Tiff Ross actually managed to get hers out there so others could enjoy her grand creation. She's one of the hardest working cartoonists too, as she juggles multiple active comics at once, rotating between the stories now and then. Seeing someone who was able to pull off so much was inspiring to someone who was still only dreaming of one day launching his own comic, with it's own insane universe. Precocious' world isn't nearly as vast as the Cyantian one, but this was a huge inspiration for me to develop and follow the lives of so many characters.

Because there is so much, it can be a little intimidating for one who wants to start reading. Complicating that, the network is being overhauled at the moment, so navigation can be somewhat tricky. You can start with the recent Darius arc, or go back further and read Akaelae, which is a good introduction for the central group. If you want to go back to the earliest comics, check out Campus Safari.

(If you want to show Tiff some love, she's currently running a Kickstarter project featuring charms from Alien Dice.)

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