Monday, July 16, 2012

SpiderForest Comic of the Week

First off, a reminder that I post front page items for Precocious at least twice a week. If you're not checking often, be sure to scroll down and catch up.

This week's featured comic is LaSalle's Legacy, a story about a ship that is stocked by a bunch of youths! (I object that the guy in his mid-30's is the token old codger.) It's got lots of sailing flair and style. Aside from making me feel really, REALLY old, it's got a neat story too.

I'll let the creator sum if up for you: "In the world of the Twelve Seas, the secrets of necromancy have been lost to the Old World for decades. When a young man discovers that his father's old nemesis, who is now a zombie, is out to kill him, he sets out to learn more about this forbidden art. Along the way, he discovers he isn't the only one curious about the secrets and becomes engulfed in a battle for power."

Finally, a reminder that it's application season for SpiderForest! Do you have a webcomic you think would fit well in the collective? Go fill out an application! Only a week left to get your name in the mix!

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