Monday, July 2, 2012

ANOTHER Copper Road + Tech issues

Why another Copper Road so soon? Read on...

(UPDATE: I guess it was just a glitch? The comment section finally appeared at midnight, when the next strip appeared. Ok, whatever. Now you guys can go back and share all those comments that would have been so good yesterday and are now useless today. Darn it.)

Obviously, something has gone wrong with the comments for today's comic. I don't know why it's not showing up, while all other comments pages are active. Tech guy doesn't know. IntenseDebate is being more helpful than usual in this regard by CLOSING THEIR HELP FORM. I won't even be able to submit a report for a few more hours, and once I do it'll probably be a while before I hear back from them. And, since it's tech support for a free service, I'm not holding my breath. Their utter incompetence with past issues is mind blowing. (I know I should be polite, and I have been with them, but after what I went through with the last help ticket...)

Man, why did this have to happen during a storyline where half the joke was the reaction in the comments section? I am so upset!

Anyway, I decided to test to see if another new comic would also have the missing comments issue, so I threw the new Copper Road into the archive. That page has a comments section, so maybe this was some stupid random glitch.

With that Copper Road archived, I had to quickly draw up a new one, so I did! Vote to see it! Why, yes, you can say it was inspired by events of the last 10 hours.

I don't know what's going to happen with comments yet. There's a chance I may be abandoning IntenseDebate after this, although it would require tech guy to figure out a code that lets the old comments stick around. There's a chance it was a random glitch and things will click back into working order at midnight. There's even a chance IntenseDebate support will come through for me! You know, once they allow me to contact them. I want to give them their say in this matter, but sheesh.

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Unknown said...

Hmm, well Chrome developer tools is giving me this error when I look at the page with the missing comments:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ,

That might have something to do with it.