Saturday, July 21, 2012

Guest Strips and Commissions!

Now that I have your attention... more news!

As mentioned in the other important post (scroll down), I've got a lot on my plate. I'm going to fulfill my promises (the commissions) but I also would like some wiggle room in case of moving craziness (the guest strips).

Guest Strips:

In mid-August, I'm moving from Georgia to Virginia, then heading off to FA: United immediately afterward. After that, expect a crash in productivity as I unwind and figure out how my studio setup will work in a new location. It's better to be safe than sorry here, so I'm asking for guest strips to cover the potential lull. Besides, guest strips are fun! They're a great way to share readers with other cartoonists and I adore the ego boost. (It's a labor of love to come up with a proper guest strip using someone else's characters!)

If you're a cartoonist or aspiring cartoonist, I would be honored to show off your work! My preference is definitely for guest comics, but if you want to contribute guest art, I'll still be happy. (The art will likely be used as a vote incentive instead of a regular update.) I'm looking for seven guest strips, to cover the week starting August 27th.

Interested? Drop me an email to let me know and give me some mental security! If I fail to get enough guest strips (I'm not *that* popular yet) then I'll either hold on to the ones I get for a later date or use them as vote incentives.


I said on DA/FA that I'd be opening up for 'em, and so I shall. Even with the busy schedule, I want to do this because I enjoy it and I haven't had a chance to break in most of my new markers yet! Plus, a little extra spending money with a big move coming up is rather helpful.

Look over my FurAffinity account, since it's more up to date, for several commission examples. I'll have about 10 slots that can be for just about anything - from $10 artist trading cards to $15 badges to $35 full-page commissions, done in marker, colored pencil or watercolor. Each purchase also comes with your choice of a Precocious magnet! More details will soon be found on my FA page and DeviantArt page. The slight increase in pricing reflects the realization that "shipping included" got kinda brutal during the May promotion, when I upgraded my packing method. As always, email me if you're interested, and I'll give you a quote for your idea!

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