Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Copper Road! 7/18/12

Today's comic is a chilling story based a horrifying real-life experience. No amount of scrubbing will ever get me clean. Vote to see the comic! (Vote every single day!)

In moving news, I've been building up my Precocious buffer. I should be able to continue uninterrupted, even with all the craziness, but I haven't ruled out taking a week off at the end of August and running guest art/strips - if only to catch my breath after a wild summer. (Most wildness has been good, at least!) A final decision, along with a post about me opening up commissions, will be posted by the weekend.


Iron Ed said...

I have autographs from Richard Petty, Kyle Petty, Davey Allison, Smokey Yunick... :-)

Iron Ed said...

On another thought...
Was he actually -watching- NASCAR or was he still sleeping through it? (Been there... ;-))