Friday, April 17, 2009

The Interactive Precocious Experience

I enjoyed letting people vote on which chick gets featured in a one-off role for a future comic, so let's keep going and narrow it down to one! The first vote eliminated three chicks - will this one settle on a favorite? (click the pic for a larger version.)

Each chick has been drawn in two poses, mirroring two of the three panels in which she'll appear. The redrawing also shows how good I am at drawing each particular chick. (If you care, #4 braid kitty is the easiest to draw and #3 dingo-ish chick is the hardest.) If there's any character tweaking you'd like to see - say you want a change in attire, shading and markings - you can suggest it. I'm not saying I'll make any changes, just that you *can* suggest something.

Yes, I am attention whoring a bit with something like this, but I *do* love getting feedback - even if I have to solicit it! Pay attention to meeeeeeee!

4/19 Update: Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Adding in Twitter and DeviantArt voting, here's the current tally:

5 votes for #3
3 votes for #6
2 votes for #2
1 vote each for #1 and #4

#5 has developed self-esteem issues.

People can give their opinion up until I start working on the strip, which should be later on this week.


Anonymous said...

I leave me vote for numoro 6

Zephyrion said...

I vote for numbah 3

Dirtypawz said...

I like #3

Nick said...

I like-a numba 4

The Spirit of the Wolf said...

Number 1... Foxes are, well, FOXY!

Yino said...

I vote for number 2

Unknown said...


Ilay said...

number 6

Unknown said...

Number 5

Kaja Rainbow said...

I vote for #6!

And, don't worry, #5, you're perfectly cool. I'm sure you have other excellent qualities other than being able to draw in votes to be a random one-off extra.