Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can !!!

(click the image to see the full-sized version)

If I was good with celebratory sketches, this would have gone up last night, but I was, um, *cough* celebrating into the wee hours of the morning. Like a true party nerd, I was furiously typing messages over IM and Facebook while knocking back croranges in my frorc house! (If you don't understand, you never will.) It was the most social activity I've had in years.

So now I've crawled out of bed (feeling great, btw) just in time to crawl back in it again. Not a bad way to spend a day!

Tomorrow I'm traveling to DC again. As long as I can hijack an internet connection down there, I will keep on posting here from my laptop. If not, well, now you know why. I'll be back home on Tuesday.

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