Friday, November 14, 2008

He's on to me.

Today's Pearls Before Swine:

Pearls Before Swine

But it's even WORSE: I'm blogging to promote my venture into cartooning! What sort of fool would adopt *that* business model? My desire for a cardboard box will only ever be for shelter.

Anyway, today's focus has been on scripting the next batch of comic scripts. I have enough scripted now to take the comic to a GOOD stopping point on the website, as opposed to the poorly-drawn strip where Bud admits the majority of my cast is irredeemably evil. Of course, my first strip ended with the line, "all about the violence," and the stopping point strip ends with "war is awesome!" Man, I am going to be SO popular one day! Anywho, three more strips to draw out, six to ink and then it's scanning and updating time!

After those, I have zero intention to stop there. The following strip is easily the most complex one yet, so it scares me to death - but getting by it means THE ACTION IS IMMINENT! (The kids have to argue semantics first, dammit!) The "war is awesome" strip marks the approximate halfway point of the arc, so I'm happy with keeping it up as the current strip for a while. It allows me to build up a chunk of strips to upload at once, rather than having a few trickle in pathetically here and there.

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